About Founder

Molly and Fusu, pairs of sisters who are passionate about travel and photography.

They have a wealth of travel experience. Exploring unknown cultures to immerse them in the pleasure of discovery.

The establishment of the MOLIFUSU in 2011 became an extension of their preferences.

They provided travel collocations for 100,000 followers at WEIBO, also injecting the vibrant stories of the trip into local costume designs.


About Brand

MOLIFUSU strives to break the rules of the age limits of women's clothing,

pays attention to the expression of women's physical qualities.

Includes eclectic details, the simple and comfortable dressing experience.

To explore the multiple possibilities of women's wear aesthetics.

After 7 years of growth, the brand constantly interspersed with interesting experiments on the main design line of clothes

Not only borrowed memories of travel, but also made the largest imagination of Chinese, Japanese,

and French styles, instilling more vivid and non-negligible vitality into the brand.


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E-mail: molifusu@szmolifusu.com